Black Swans

*By featured blogger Ghost*

To begin to discuss Black Swans in the BDSM and Fetish/Kink culture an understanding of True Vampirism and its nature must be understood before any attempt can be made of using edge play as a means to drawn blood.

True Practitioners of Vampirism understand the science behind the ingesting of blood and its properties and biological components. First, any substance ingested orally is broken down in the stomach; then useful components are processed to the kidneys and liver, heart, brain and ultimately the blood.

Every several days the body’s cells go through a stage called mitosis which causes a cloning and splitting of cells in the blood. Every time a cell clones itself the inner tubulars of the cells begin to degrade a little more each time. This causes the body’s cells to not allow as much nutrition to pass through the tubulars which we need to be healthy and fit. This is the cause of aging as we are no longer able to receive as much needed nutrients to the body, the brain and organs our body starts to degrade.

When Blood is ingested from a same gender person (not by birth included) in good health and physically fit the liver processes a chemical found in the blood causing the tubulars of the cells to clone perfectly during mitosis which stops the effect of aging.

Side effects have been noted: the chemical/DNA of another person when ingested affects other physical traits and alters brain synapsis. Like with any substance taken on a regular basis a dependancy will become abundantly clear to the user.

With this in mind and much more research done on your end (and hopefully some skill with a blade or needle) I shall discuss The use and Special role a Black swan holds to a Dark Player V-Domme/V-Dom or any title you prefer to go by but in the end it is all the same thing 😉

A Black Swan is a very special and coveted role. Depending on dynamics between you and your partner a Swan typically falls into a sub category. A Swan will ALLOW you to feed from them to satiate your needs and hunger. This is not only beneficial to the Person preying on the Swan but for the swan as well. The reason it is good for the Swan is, if done correctly, it is healthy to cycle blood out of the body in the proper amounts. This combined with Tantric Kundalini raising techniques to raise adrenaline and endorphins will stimulate the Black Swans experience and taste. This practice also benefits the Predator( Vampire) in making the blood easier to ingest and also leaving the blood untainted.

The methods to cut should always be followed with your partners ability or desire to Swan for you again.

Cut above the t-shirt line or short line by the upper thigh area.

Never cut around the neck but behind the trapezoid is fine.

When cutting remember more little cuts in cuter designs makes for a better heal and a better feel.

Bigger cuts cause more bleeding but risk more nerve damage in the long run.

When you are playing with someone else’s skin remember that everyone has different skin types and may scar very easily. Some like that some do not. Always refer to your partners desires, needs and limits.

To increase blood flow to a small wound, ensure before engaging that your Swan is hydrated and has been well stretched for better blood oxygenation and flow. Begin by where you have first made your incision(s) to then lower the arm leg or shoulder below the heart. This may be done by asking your Swan to adjust their limb/cut position below the heart level. If your Swan is restricted in some way you must do this for them. When the skin is flush this means the blood has moved; start to massage the area around the incision the increase blood flow.

With good incisions done properly blood flow should start immediately. Only drink from the wound itself if you have sterilized the wound area and your mouth prior to the incision or risk an infection.

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