I can never get enough.

The air is hot and moist, filling my lungs with the sweet scent of warm water, the candles burning slowly on the counter and bodies tingling with anticipation. The steams pearls down the side of the shower and I imagine my body pressed up against it, the cool glass contrasting with the hot water, making me gasp as I first get pressed into it.

I’m brought back to the present moment by a deep breath taken behind me. A sharp intake of air followed by a slow, even expiration. I feel his energy swirling through the room, filling my senses with calm, strong lust, wilder than the jaguar in the Amazon.

As I glance over my shoulder I see that he’s naked but for his tie, a remnant from his long day at work. I sigh gently as I take in his silhouette. A body that has given and taken so much from me. A body that is about to demand even more, that I would freely give everything I possessed to, and more.

There is a short moment of anxiety that courses through me, doubts of self worth and capacity have always been my weaknesses. I know he hates when I do this, and he always sees it in my eyes. I send the thoughts off into the abyss with a shake of my head, sending my hair dancing slightly over my back.

I lean down to take off my lace panties, his favorite. As I draw myself back up I turn to him and he beckons me to my knees in front of him. I smile lightly and lift my eyes to his as he strokes my hair gently before opening my mouth with his thumb and pushing his cock into my mouth. I moan loudly as I envelop my lips around him and start sucking and bobbing back and forth. I slowly take him all in, feeling the back of my throat squeezing around him. His moans and movements encourage me to do it again and again.

He suddenly pulls back and pulls me up to him, ravaging my lips with his, slipping his tongue roughly in, and possessing my mouth with his. I moan with the swirl of emotions that it brings up in me. I am his and he is making sure I know it.

At this point, I hear no sounds but those from our bodies, see nothing but him. He has already taken over.

He nudges me gently into the shower, into the warm stream emerging from the showerhead, I sigh as the water temperature is perfect. I already know what is expected of the. I grab the loofah and argan oil soap, and lather it up well. I proceed to wash every part of Sir’s body, gently, firmly and through fully. Getting to my knees to ensure I get every part. As I stand back up the look in his eyes is fire. He orders me to wash up quickly and join him in the bedroom.

As I emerge clean and dried, I see that the lights have been turned down low and my restraints are laid out on the bed. I kneel next to it with my hands on my thighs, head down waiting for his next move.

As he walks over, with blindfold in hand, he expertly covers my eyes and buckles on my wrist cuffs, tied together with a chain. He lifts me up and attaches my collar to my neck, the feeling like slipping into the most comfortable cloud of silk. He attaches a leash and guides me to the d-ring we have installed in the doorway, attaching my wrists up high.

He then leaves me to wonder. For a few minutes all I hear is his breathing and a few things moving around the room as he passes by and picks things up or rearranges them. I feel him stop behind me. I hear the rustle of the flogger. I salivate in anticipation.

He leans into my ear and whispers: “Have you been a good girl today?”
“Yes, daddy” I reply.
“Good, now tell me what you are.” He says.
“I’m your little whore, daddy.”

The smack of the flogger surprises me, and the after sensation has me moaning already. I was drenched before I even got to the shower, so now it’s dripping down my thighs. He proceeds to work my ass with what I recognize as my favorite flogger, I must have pleased him extra today.

Once my ass is nice and red and hot to the touch, he drops the flogger to the floor. His hand goes between my legs and teases my pussy, touching me only enough to make me even wetter. I moan loudly and wiggle to get more of his attention.

He laughs and takes his hand away as I groan in disappointment.

I hear a whirl of vibration light up nearby and then feel the powerful rush of a Hitachi wand being pressed up against my clit.

“Don’t you dare cum without permission” he tells me.
“Yes, Sir” I say between moans.

I know he won’t let me cum until I am beyond close, so I wait, drinking in the sensation that it taking over me, keeping myself on the edge and breathing through it as he taught me how to.
He slaps my breast out of nowhere,
almost sending me over the edge, breaking my concentration for just a split second. Another slap. I cry out, asking for permission to cum. He denies me. I plead and beg, he denies me again and removes the Hitachi.

I let out a sob. That was magnificent, but I want more, I want release.

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