I deserve my punishments

I had been asking for it all night.

Since we decided to go out, I was cutely brating and teasing my girl, knowing that everything I was doing was going to warrant me a beating later. A beating I was going to through fully deserve.

In the Uber on the way over to the club, I was scratching and teasing, alternating soft touches with pressure, just enough to give an idea of what I was thinking. I rubbed and sighed in just the right way. Gave cute smiles and batting my lashes. Biting my lip, giggling, tantalizing with everything I had.

I was being bad.

I wanted the punishment.

I even begged for it.

The first slap was just a tease, a fragment of what I really wanted. The second was a bit closer. But I wanted more. I always do with her.

When I was asked if what I needed was a backhand, my smile could have lit the darkest room. The first was magic. The second ecstasy. Fuck.

It’s not my fault, she brings it out in me so strongly I can’t resist.


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