Lust Drunk

The simplest whisper of a touch, the lingering of fingers and body upon my own have me shivering and twitching.

The grazing of your lips on mine drives a fire to erupt, something I cannot control.

I need. I need more. Always more. Every time.

I will never be satiated because there is no line in me that marks full.

I can’t content myself with a chaste taste of you.

I want all of it, I want to be consumed by the feeling of your being engulfing mine to the point of being unrecognizable.

Never stop.

The rasping of nails hard against my skin, the hard tug of your hand in my hair, the gasp of pure lust as nothing more than its power guides me.

The moment where all I see, feel, smell and hear is you.

As we tease each other into a frenzy, I feel so alive, so strong, so powerful and yet completely at your mercy.

When it’s over I want nothing more than to have it start again.

And again and again.


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