My scars are the sexiest part of me.

They shine bright with what I have conquered, what I have endured and the experiences they left me with.

They bring me comfort and solace in that I will face things with a stronger mind, a stronger heart and a stronger body.

They show me what I am truly made of.

They are the backbone of what has made me who I am today. Some are good memories, some are terrible. But every single one has a story to tell that I am proud of.

They show that I will never be ashamed of my past, of my struggles and my victories against foes both within me and out in this world we call home.

They make me the beautiful human being, so complex and yet so simple, that can bow at the feet of others and feel whole.

They make the fierce warrior that needs cuddles, beatings and everything in between.

They make me the embodiment of gratitude, of love and of appreciation.

They make me the laughing, pretty doll that I am today, seducing you to be the best you can be in the moments we share. Pushing you to live in the moment with me, even for just a second while we play, fuck and laugh.

They make me want everything you can give, and to give everything that I have.Because now I know that right now is the best moment we will every have, because it’s all we’ve got.

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